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Peppers People

If you will pardon our unabashed pride, may we say that if you have somehow been selected to become one of our Peppers People, we must think pretty highly of you. You see, by being a Peppers People we have entrusted you with the most important thing in our business – our guests. It’s something we don’t do lightly.

Our guests are everything to us. It was our guests that set us on the course from a popular quick-counter pizzeria to the full-service casual dining experience that we are today. It was our guests who showed us that they enjoyed being with us for more than just a meal, leading us to open our wildly popular Piazza Bar. And it was our guests who led us into new menu creations that have become centerpieces of our offerings at Peppers. As you can see, without our guests, there would be no us.

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Your natural leadership ability to oversee our front and rear of the house operations will ensure that our guests’ needs are always met. Your approachable manner supporting operations, maintenance, hiring and training will keep our culture in high gear and fulfill our mission. You’ll be held accountable for running a clean, professional environment where the goal is to keep the guests happy.

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As a service team member at Peppers Pizzeria & The Piazza Bar, you’ll use your friendly smile, instant likeability and passion for hospitality to ensure our guests have a fun and memorable dining experience. Guests will enjoy a spotless dining area and will be guided by your food & beverage suggestions. Your accurate order taking and service in a timely manner will keep them coming back!

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As a culinary team member you will be required to learn the Peppers style of food preparation, which includes cutting, sautéing, frying and cooking various meals such as meats, poultry, vegetables, salads and other ingredients. You will also need to follow a recipe book on Peppers’ foods and with food safety and cleanliness in mind, prepare food in a timely manner, all while keeping your tickets in order. Your attention to detail will continue to allow us to be the area’s favorite stop for pizza.

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Give the Gift of Flavor

Posted by Grady Verret on Dec 12 2013

So here’s the situation… we all love that deliciousness of a fresh Peppers Pizza straight out of the oven, the crisp tastiness of the house made salads and we won’t even start to talk about what you’ll do for an order of Peppers wings.  The food is good and the atmosphere always fun so why not give that as a gift? That’s right, give the gift of flavor this season!

A Peppers Pizzeria Gift Card can suit any budget, fill any need and pretty much please anyone with an appetite. From stocking stuffers to food for a year, our gift cards can fit any budget.

If that hasn’t convinced you, here are a few other reasons a Peppers Gift Card is an ideal gift for the holiday:

  1. Giving them improves the odds that your buddies will invite you to lunch at Peppers.
  2. It gives family and friends another reason to gather – even after the holidays.
  3. You’ll be known as a hero for giving them the night off from cooking.

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