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1. Do Peppers restaurants take reservations?

Our restaurants typically do not take reservations. However, our Team Members may be able to accommodate a reservation request depending upon special needs or party size. Feel free to contact a manager at your local Peppers Pizzeria to discuss your request. Click here to find the location and phone number of your local Peppers Pizzeria.

2. Do you currently have vegetarian offerings on your menu?
We have plenty of Vegetarian and Vegan options on our menus. Ask your restaurant manager for suggestions when you visit Peppers Pizzeria.
3. Do you have "frequent diner" or other discount programs at Peppers?
Yes! Make sure to request a ‘Frequent Diner’ or ‘Brew Club’ Card when you visit Peppers Pizzeria or The Piazza Bar. FDD Cards entitle the bearer to a complimentary pizza when purchasing 6 within 6 weeks as well as buy one get one free pizzas on the first Monday of each month. Brew Club Cards entitle the bearer to a complimentary Beer when purchasing 10 within a one month period.
4. Do you have franchise restaurants and, if so, how can I become a Peppers Pizzeria franchisee?
Currently, Peppers Pizzeria is not franchising restaurants, although if you have future interest please contact our Corporate Office.
5. Do you have smoking sections in your restaurants?
All of our restaurant dining rooms are smoke-free, although some locations may have outdoor seating where smoking is permitted.
6. Do you have trans-fats in your oil?
All of our foods are cooked in Mel Fry Zero – Trans Fats Oils. We are also working to minimize Trans Fats on our entire menu.
7. Do you offer "Kids Nights" with free or discounted kids meals?
Every Tuesday is Kids Night. Children under 12 enjoy 8” Pizzas for $1.99 and FREE Edy’s Ice Cream.
8. How can I find out about specials and promotions at Peppers Pizzeria?
We work hard to keep you informed! Sign up for Peppers Rewards, become a fan on Facebook, or check ourMonthly Promotional Calendar.
9. How can I request charitable support from Peppers Pizzeria?
Part of our culture is charitable involvement. Click to print a Sponsorship & Donation Form. Fax, mail or email forms to our Corporate Office. Due to the high volume of requests, please allow a minimum of 30 days for us to respond prior to your event.
10. How can I sign up for Peppers Rewards, or update my information if I'm already a member?
Sign up for our Email List by clicking here. If you would like to change your email address, just resubmit the same form with your current information.
11. How can students arrange interviews or obtain information on Peppers Pizzeria as part of a research assignment or other school project?
We would be glad to provide information for educational purposes. Contact our Corporate Office.
12. How do I arrange to have a birthday celebration at one of your restaurants?

We love Birthdays! Contact one of our location Managers to make special arrangements including our Party Place or Banquet Rooms located in Houma on Corporate Drive.

13. How do I check the balance on my Peppers gift card?
Check balances on Gift Cards by clicking here and entering required information. (links to corresponding areas)
14. If I have food allergies or other special dietary needs, will I still be able to dine at Peppers?
To obtain more information on a special dietary need or specific menu item, please contact or Corporate Office.
15. What about catering services or for delivery?
Peppers Pizzeria currently does not deliver individual orders, although we do deliver large catering orders for parties, luncheons, or special events. Contact your local Peppers Pizzeria or view our menu page to find our more details.
16. What if I'm interested in a fundraiser or non-charity-related sponsorship or partnership with Peppers Pizzeria?
Even if your event or interest is non-charitable, we will still accept submissions. Click to print a Sponsorship & Donation Form. Fax, mail or email forms to our Corporate Office. Due to the high volume of requests, please allow a minimum of 30 days for us to respond prior to your event. 

Give the Gift of Flavor

Posted by Grady Verret on Dec 12 2013

So here’s the situation… we all love that deliciousness of a fresh Peppers Pizza straight out of the oven, the crisp tastiness of the house made salads and we won’t even start to talk about what you’ll do for an order of Peppers wings.  The food is good and the atmosphere always fun so why not give that as a gift? That’s right, give the gift of flavor this season!

A Peppers Pizzeria Gift Card can suit any budget, fill any need and pretty much please anyone with an appetite. From stocking stuffers to food for a year, our gift cards can fit any budget.

If that hasn’t convinced you, here are a few other reasons a Peppers Gift Card is an ideal gift for the holiday:

  1. Giving them improves the odds that your buddies will invite you to lunch at Peppers.
  2. It gives family and friends another reason to gather – even after the holidays.
  3. You’ll be known as a hero for giving them the night off from cooking.

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